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Welcome to shoyou sushi


We do not accept reservations. Tables are seated on a first come, first served basis. 


You may put your name on the waitlist in person. Once on the waitlist, you will receive a text message when your table is ready. We will do our best to give you an expected wait time, but please be mindful that your wait may be longer or shorter than our estimate. 

Given our limited space, we ask that customers do not wait in the restaurant.

Once you are notified that your table is ready, it will be held for 15 minutes before you are removed from the waitlist.

All members of your party must be present before you can be seated.



Tables seat up to 4 people. Parties larger than 4 must sit at separate tables.

We will do our best to seat large parties next to/near one another but cannot guarantee it.



No menu substitutions permitted. All alcohol must be purchased from the restaurant.

Alcohol is not served on Sundays. No standing alcohol service is permitted.  No more BYOB


No catering order accept. Every order made with individually order from our current menu.

Carry out orders may be placed over the phone and online. 




Our team ensures that you get the right food pick up. However, if you get the wrong order, then, you can simply contact us and let us know.We can make suitable changes or store credit in the transactions and provide the right food.



We always made our food with the freshest and premium ingredients, it is our responsibility to provide assurance regarding the bad food. If you feel that the food is in bad quality, call us and let us know.

We will take care of the inconvenience and provide you suitable refunds.

You must contact us before finish your meal, we might request the photos of your order for refunds and store credit. 

Refunds are not typically provided for food that a guest simple does not like



We are unable to provide refunds for the return of the food.

Also, if you cancel the order after the food has been cooked, the cancellation is not acceptable.